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Claims Filing Tips

  • Always drive with your license, registration and insurance card handy. In the event of an accident or incident, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Keeping your auto insurance policy information current speeds all your auto insurance processes, including reporting and resolving your claims.
  • If an accident occurs, stay calm. Make sure you call the police and report your claim to National General Insurance or your local agent.
  • Make sure you have written down the names, license plate numbers and insurance information of others involved. If the police are there, get the officer's name and the police department's location if possible.
  • Write down cross streets or landmarks when an accident has occurred.
  • If you have a camera or cell phone with camera handy, take some quick photos. When you are asked to describe the accident – particularly if there are complex intersections and turning lanes involved, this will be helpful in remembering the details.
  • It is generally recommended that you only discuss the details of the accident with the police, your local agent or your National General Insurance Claims representative.
  • Keep track of your paperwork, including the police report and the information of others involved.
  • Once you report your claim, keep your claim number along with your National General Insurance Claims representative's name and phone number. This helps in case you have any questions or updated information for us regarding your claim. Your claims number and the name of your assigned claims representative will also speed processing.

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