Need to report a claim? We can walk you through the process online or you can call 1-800-468-3466.

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Report A Claim
Report a Claim at 1-800-468-3466
You Can Also Call
Report a Claim
Policy Numbers beginning with INT60 or IM
Report a Flood Claim
What to do After an Accident

Medical Help and Safety

  • Stay calm
  • Make sure you are safe from any oncoming traffic. Make sure no one is hurt

Document The Facts

  • File an accident report. That means calling the police, your insurance company, or your local agent
  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver(s). Be sure to include the drivers' names, phone numbers, license plates and also descriptions of the vehicles involved

Call National General Insurance

  • Call your agent or insurance company immediately. Police reports take time to file, and speedy claims are expedited by your ability to provide information as quickly and accurately as possible
How Are Claims Handled?
Estimates & Repairs
Loss Avoidance
Check out loss avoidance tips from National General concerning deer collisions, winter driving, flooding and more.
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Claims FAQs
Got questions about the insurance claims process? Check out our claims FAQs section or call 1-800-468-3466 .
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