Loss Avoidance

Decrease your risk of seasonal dangers. Get informed with loss avoidance tips from National General. Our guidelines will help protect you from a number of hazardous situations and prepare you in the event that an accident occurs.
Auto Maintenance Checklist

Auto Maintenance

Routine auto maintenance on your tires, brakes, windows and fluids can save you thousands in expensive repairs and may also prevent dangerous accidents on the road.
Auto Maintenance Checklist
Flood Insurance


A mere three inches of water can cost an average home more than $10,000 in damages. Although you may not be able to prevent your home from flooding, you can save your family from the financial devastation that a flood would inflict on your home. See how you can protect your home from damages with flood insurance from National General:
Flood Protection Tips
Deer Collision Safety

Deer Collisions

The average cost of a deer collision is more than $4,000 per claim. Don’t spend thousands of bucks on one deer.
Deer Collision Safety Precautions
Halloween Safety Tips


During Halloween, neighborhood kids will be excitedly running from house to house on their hunt for candy. They may not be mindful of dark streets, distracted drivers, or alarmed pets. Our aim is to help create a safe environment on the roads and in our communities so that trick-or-treaters and party goers can truly enjoy the evening.
Halloween Safety Tips
Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving

Although it’s best to stay off the roads in inclement weather, these time-tested, winter driving techniques will help make you a safer driver in the snow and ice:
10 Essential Winter Driving Tips

In the Event of an Accident...

If you do experience a loss, please contact the claims team at National General at 1-800-468-3466 . Our knowledgeable agents will guide you through the entire claims process so that you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible.
Loss Avoidance
Check out loss avoidance tips from National General concerning deer collisions, winter driving, flooding and more.
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Claims FAQs
Got questions about the insurance claims process? Check out our claims FAQs section or call 1-800-468-3466 .
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